When Finding A Tuition Centre Is The Key For Acing Science

It’s not surprising to see why many students are getting hung up with science. If your child is taking secondary or primary science tuition in Singapore, they might be struggling to learn the subject.

It seems like an uphill battle for students and parents to ace science. Most of the time, we end up looking for tutors and a decent learning centre that offers quality science tuition for our children. After all, it’s the common goal for parents to provide quality education and learning experience for their children.

Grasping its number of concepts is tricky and challenging. While it may not be the most difficult subject, the key to success demands effort, time and sometimes—money (like hiring a tutor). Finding the right science tuition centre in Singapore, tutoring and having the skills needed may be the only way to pass the subject with flying colours.

Selecting The Right Tuition Centre For Your Child

If your child hasn’t been enrolled in a science tuition centre, then this article is for a parent like you who is seeking a decent tuition centre. Choosing one makes a difference. They provide significant support for your child’s learning, growth and development.

After all, finding the right tuition centre for kids is always a hot topic for discussion. With the increasing school pressure and difficulty dealing with examinations, it’s not surprising why some parents are motivated to seek a primary science or secondary maths tuition in Singapore. Without further ado, here’s how you can choose one:

Testimonials and reviews

No, we’re not talking about those positive reviews written on their website. A tuition centre may look good on paper. However, we’re supposed to look for the actual reviews written by parents or students on Google or featured on other websites. It’s your reliable piece of information to learn about their own experience so you can determine the effectiveness and the perks of a specific tuition centre. It’s your way of seeing if they can deliver excellent teaching performance for your child.

Teaching style

If you’re looking for a decent science tuition centre for your child, you’ll also need to account for the teaching style. Your child’s preferred learning style could either be auditory, visual or kinaesthetic. Some even prefer reading and writing, while others prefer learning through doing. Thus, it’s also crucial for parents to learn their child’s preferred learning style.

A tuition centre that can cover a wide range of learning styles can help benefit every child, whether it’s writing, visuals, auditory learning, etc. As a parent, it should be among your top-most priority.

Class size

Class size matters. It determines how well the tutor can handle and cater for a number of students. It’s also where your child will find how easy they can receive individual attention. Whether it’s a primary science or secondary maths tuition, you should also have your own preference for class sizes. Understand that having a large number of students in a single class can end up challenging to get individual questions answered. Group management can be tricky, and your child is unlikely to receive the attention they warrant. Thus, many prefer having a small class since it’s much easier to mitigate common issues among large groups.

Tutor’s background

Your child will need an expert teacher or tutor with abundant experience and credible background to ace challenging subjects. The tutor’s background is another crucial aspect when choosing a tuition centre in Singapore. Effective tutors have sufficient training, knowledge and experience.

They should come from a background with abundance of wealth in educating students with ‘feel’. They are able to connect with them and understand how to address solutions to learning difficulties. While they may not be of the same calibre as teachers, they are essential in providing knowledge. They should be able to deliver effective teaching in what your child needs to learn in a quick and efficient manner.

Your budget

Lastly, your budget will dictate what tuition centre you can afford for your child. Not all tuition centres have equal fees or rates. Some may be lower than others, while some can be demanding. Understand that tuition often takes place after school, so it’s best that you are choosing the most convenient tuition centre that is worth paying for.

Integral Science Skills Your Child Should Develop


If you want to help your child succeed in science and acing those exams, we’ll uncover some of the most fundamental science skills which will help your child.


Problem-solving is at the heart of both science and maths subjects. It is one of the most crucial critical skills that every person (not just children) should cultivate. Problem-solving is about having a firm grasp to develop a profound understanding of the problem. Analysation and interpretation come forth when hypothesising and coming up with meaningful solutions.


Observation is another critical skill to develop. It’s not only an exclusive skill to exercise inside a classroom or tuition centre. It should be included in our daily life as it allows us to see and measure results, especially in experiments.


Inference describes the processing of how we extract information to explain concepts, facts or observations. Learning and cultivating to make inferences is also helpful in reading comprehension and developing a profound understanding to draw logical conclusions.


Communication is speaking your thoughts and expressing what’s on your mind. In science, communication becomes a meaningful and enriching skill when you practise expressing insights and connecting the dots to ideas through words in a well-organised and coherent manner. Almost every science tuition centre focuses on helping learners to interact and communicate information.

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