Have you ever wondered how you could get your child the help he needs in math, science or in writing? The answer you may be looking for is a science, writing, or a math enrichment centre. Aside from seeking a tuition centre in Singapore, an enrichment centre can provide a new learning experience for your child, especially preschoolers, by incorporating play and creativity.

Today, many parents are seeing the importance of sending their children to tuition classes and enrichment centres outside school. It is not meant to indicate that schools are not effective for learning anymore. In fact, reinforcing learning and exposing your child to other non-traditional learning approaches can be beneficial.

The Benefits Of Sending Your Child To A Preschool Enrichment Centre

Helping your child develop and grow as they age is the mission of every parent. Getting the best options for your child in learning math, science, writing, etc., can help widen their understanding and enjoy the process of acquiring information.

There are advantages to sending your child to preschool enrichment classes:

Early academic support

Almost every enrichment centre in Singapore has its own pool of experienced and well-trained teachers who can provide support to your child. In most cases, these teachers can connect to preschool students well, making them ideal for explaining information and concepts that young learners have difficulty understanding.

Also, enrichment centres often incorporate play and creativity approaches to learning, which helps them explore more about the world—providing them more motivation and appetite to learn. It inspires them to excel more and sharpen their skills and abilities to boost their academic performance. Thus, enrolling your child in an enrichment centre is worth considering for this alone.

More social opportunities

Every enrichment centre (be it in arts, maths, science, writing, etc.) can provide an ideal setting for your child to make new friends. Providing an early opportunity for your child to socialise with other people without being concerned about their safety is beneficial for their growth and development. Early socialisation primarily helps build the necessary skills to communicate ideas and express emotions through verbal and non-verbal forms.

Enrichment centres prioritise providing a safe learning environment and a space where your child can interact with other children, which helps them push out of their comfort zone. Thus, enabling them to be confident with themselves.

Enjoyable learning

School and learning are the opposite of fun is the often perception of children. The word ‘learning’ and ‘fun’ is almost an oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, learning should be fun, exciting, engaging and stimulating. If you agree with this, enrolling your child in an enrichment centre should be among your priority and goal for your child.

Unlike other schools that are firm and inflexible with their curriculum, an enrichment centre caters for lenient, engaging and flexible ways of teaching things to students. They provide fun activities for children to expose themselves to numerous subjects that are alien or difficult for them. The further benefit is that it eliminates the ‘stress’ of learning most students experience in schools. It helps them to find their passion and explore new interests freely at their own pace.

Increase practice

Most enrichment programs incorporate every essential skill that is necessary for your child to cultivate in every session. From communication to learning maths and improving fine motor and use of language, your child will have more opportunities to foster their skills and talents for faster learning. An increase in practice also helps them prepare for the upcoming school year equipping them with the foundation skills that will later impact their academic performance. It can also significantly affect their long-term success.

Choosing An Enrichment Centre


As you can see, enrol your child in an enrichment centre does more than just help them overcome learning math. You can find myriads of enrichment classes across Singapore, whether you seek to sharpen your child’s skills in language, music, arts, writing, coding, etc. However, how do you know which one is suitable and right for your child? Here’s how you can choose an enrichment centre for your child:

Know your child’s learning needs

What you can do here is to list down your child’s passions and interests after asking your child about them. Does your child prefer writing or doing creative arts? Does he have any interest in music, or does he want to get better at solving math problems? As we said earlier, each enrichment centre has its own speciality. Having a shortlist of their interests and passion helps you narrow down the choices.

Consider your budget

Quality matters, but does your budget allow you to enrol your child in a specific science or math enrichment in Singapore? With a number of enrichment and tuitions you can find, not all can be equal in terms of rates or fees. Thus, you’ll have to consider your budget before enrolling your child.

Consider your child’s learning style

Before making a final decision, you should also include identifying your child’s preferred learning style. Does your child prefer seeing colourful images with diagrams? Does she learn best while listening, or does she enjoy asking questions? There are numerous learning styles for each. Thus you’ll need to ensure that an enrichment programme incorporates a broader range of learning styles to cater to your child’s.

Think about the enrichment’s location

If you’re decided to enrol your child, one last thing you’ll have to be concerned about is the location of the enrichment centre. Is it too far from home? How long does it take to get there? Geographical location can impact student attendance. Understand that getting there doesn’t have to consume too much time.

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