Innovation workshops are the newest arsenal used by many companies. It is an investment which they love to make because it benefits the company immensely. Orange Squid provides first-class innovation workshops for companies in need of it. It uses methods that exploit the potential of the workers or the company. Moreover, it brings about long term benefits like ideation and creativity. Here is how you can organize a successful Innovation Workshop like Orange Squid 

Choose a new location 

A location sets the mood for the entire workshop. You can’t have an innovation workshop in your usual office settings. First, it is boring, second, and it won’t inspire anything new in the workmates. So, to organize a successful Innovation Workshop, you need to decide on a good location. It should be new to everyone, it should inspire them, and it must be secluded, so your team can have the time all to themselves. 

Select a facilitator

When you ask someone like Orange Squid, they organize the entire workshop for you. But if you are doing it all by yourself, then you need to decide on a person who will be the facilitator of the workshop. Someone who can preside over the meeting. They can start the program with a brief introduction about themselves and what the workshop is about. After that, they can ask the participants to have an ice-breaking session. It is the facilitator who generally has an idea about what’s going to happen in the workshop and leads it. 

Select the right people

We assume that all the innovation workshops are for everyone in the office or team. But you must carefully select who will be attending the workshop. It is crucial to choose people who will contribute to the idea generation and can learn something from the innovation workshop. 

Have an idea-generating session

The whole point of having an innovation workshop is that you get to have new ideas and implement them. So, having an idea-generating session is crucial. You can induce the participants to think like “How can we do this.” It will create a lot of questions and maybe some innovative answers as well. The ideation process may take time, and some members who have an idea will be shy to share it. So, encouraging the team is also essential. 

Note down the ideas 

Noting down ideas is the key to conclude the session. All the outcome of the session is recorded in these notes. Mostly it is the responsibility of the facilitator who notes all the suggestions and ideas during the innovation workshops. At the end of the workshop, the person needs to mention all the proposed ideas and then conclude the session. 

Innovation workshops by Orange Squid are successful because they focus on promoting creativity in the team members. Their goal is to create something different and long-lasting. After their workshops, the companies feel they invested well, and they are happy with the results. Their employees become innovative and their productivity increases.

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