Are you wondering what STEM means after seeing it on numerous school websites? If yes, you may also be unaware of the importance of this field of study. The acronym stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Generally speaking, any course that involves these areas of study fall under STEM. If you are interested in learning more about it before looking for STEM classes in Singapore, continue reading this article.

The Importance of STEM Classes in Singapore

STEM covers various disciplines and forms the basis of several career paths. Some of these are clear choices, such as scientists, physicians, and engineers. Others are more obscure like pilots, architects, and software developers. As parents, it is crucial to discuss with their children STEM classes for kids. The following are some of the courses available under this strand:

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer science
  • Electrical engineering
  • Geography
  • Information and communication technology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Statistics

While there are far more options available to your child, these examples offer a broad idea of what you can expect your kid to consider when they pick STEM classes in Singapore. Furthermore, taking a course under this strand provides students with plenty of essential skills, most of which apply to careers outside of STEM. continue reading to learn more about what this strand offers its students.

7 STEM Skills


1. Creativity

STEM classes in Singapore require students to study a problem, formulate solutions by taking multiple approaches and assess results. While some or most of their proposals may fail or return unsatisfactory results, these are opportunities where an individual can experience deeper learning.

2. Critical Thinking

In connection with being creative, STEM classes for kids teach students how to analyse information, formulate ideas, evaluate solutions, and reflect on their decisions. Mastering these skills allows an individual to become more independent.

3. Inquiry

Most of the problems that STEM classes in Singapore tackle require active participation from students. Asking questions, providing ideas, creating and testing solutions, and deciding based on results allows your kid to refine their ideas.

4. Math & Science

The math and science skills that STEM classesteach students provide various benefits. Mastering science allows kids to break down complex science concepts, recognise the relationship between cause and effect, and defend their opinions using factual evidence.

On the other hand, mathematical skills help students hone their calculation and measurement skills. Furthermore, problem-solving and the ability to analyse problems by looking at the bigger picture and the finer details allows an individual to overcome challenges in their lives.

5. Problem Solving

The problems your kid will encounter in STEM classes in Singapore provide them with skills to understand challenges and work on formulating realistic and appropriate solutions.

6. Teamwork

Since the challenges of the real world will overwhelm an individual, STEM classes in Singapore train students to collaborate and use their strengths while overcoming their weaknesses to formulate solutions.

7. Technical Knowledge

However, not every problem in the real world will present itself. Therefore, STEM classes in Singapore teach students to identify issues by analysing signs, researching potential solutions, and gathering data from their tests. Furthermore, the information they acquire from their trials helps them formulate changes to address those problems.

These skills do not apply only to disciplines under STEM. Other areas like entrepreneur and innovation courses in Singapore could benefit from the knowledge and abilities that your kid gets from STEM classes. However, since other career paths offer similar training, you might be wondering why let your children take STEM classes for kids. In the second part of this article, learn about these four reasons why this strand is essential.

4 Reasons Why STEM Classes are Important


1. STEM is the Future

As the economy increases its reliance on individuals who take STEM classes, a solid educational foundation becomes more necessary for parents to consider for their children. As more career opportunities open in the future, you can expect your kids to land professions with numerous benefits. Furthermore, it is more likely that their income is better than other professions.

2. Critical Thinking & Innovation are Essential

Logical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential qualities employers look for in potential employees. Therefore, sending your child to STEM classes for kids provides them with the skills to critically analyse problems and formulate realistic solutions, which are traits that can help when they decide to take innovation courses in Singapore.

3. Technology Skills are Needed

The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to rely on technology more than before it began. As applications such as Zoom, Slack, and other tools become crucial, the need for technology skills is higher.

Don’t expect things to change after the pandemic ends. Some companies will still rely on these applications for their future projects. Furthermore, there will be more job opportunities for those with technology skills as businesses realise their importance.

Providing STEM classes for your children will provide the necessary skills to set them on the path to success when they grow up.

4. STEM Skills are Vital in Other Areas

Remember that the skills students get from STEM classes are not only applicable to disciplines under the strand. Other areas in numerous industries rely on mathematical and scientific skills to accomplish their daily tasks. Furthermore, the need for IT specialists rises as society progresses further into the digital age. It doesn’t matter if your kid lands on a career related to humanities or arts, the skills they get in their STEM classes will help them excel in their career.


Providing your children with STEM classes in Singapore is one of the first steps in providing them with a successful future. The number of possible career options a STEM graduate has is almost limitless. Some are civil engineering, computer science, and information technology, which are essential in various companies.

Furthermore, STEM classes for kids equip their students with valuable skills that transform them into capable individuals. Some of these include creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving. While other unrelated fields, such as design thinking courses in Singapore offer them, the future needs of society are shifting towards STEM.

Therefore, the importance of STEM lies in society’s increasing need for individuals with skills that several courses under the strand offer. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and technical knowledge are essential traits that act as the foundation for future innovators. Additionally, never forget what STEM classes provide its students also apply to several other career paths.

If you are looking for STEM classes in Singapore for your child, visit IDE Academy to learn more about their services.

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