Learning English as a second language has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many countries now require students to learn from a PSLE English tuition. However, what is the true benefit of learning English?

Whether you’re looking for a new job or planning a trip around the world, you will realise learning English at a young age can benefit you personally and professionally. Compete in the global job market, improve your professional abilities, and make new friends from all over the globe.

You don’t have to travel far to see how important English is. English is the de facto business language of many multinational corporations, academic institutions, and millions of travellers, and your child can learn it from an English course in Singapore.

But how did English end up being so crucial in the modern world? As far as anyone knows, it all stems from the British Empire, which covered 25 per cent of the planet’s surface. It was common for British colonisers to force their subjects to speak English rather than their native tongues during colonial times.

Even so, do you understand the main reasons why English is relevant? Take a class from an O level English tutor for these seven reasons


Formal and informal English can be confusing for students

Formal and informal communication styles are frequently used, but newcomers to both writing and academia may be unsure of which words fall into the informal category. To add insult to injury, it’s unlikely that they’ve ever been taught how to write formally in school during essay writing in Singapore. ESL students and native speakers alike can benefit from this advice. Students must learn to distinguish between the various levels of formality in academic writing because this is the norm in university.

Students will discover that learning English is a breeze

The majority of people believe that learning a new language is extremely challenging. It is often easy for people to learn English if their native language is similar to English. People from Europe discover that the two languages have a lot in common. The two languages are very similar. French has had a significant impact on English. In addition, British English speakers are nearby! In their own countries, they are more than likely to run into English speakers, so they can practise at any time of the day.

For people who don’t speak English as their first language, English can sound strange, perplexing, and frustrating. That is why they must take an English course in Singapore.

Academic English writing is a skill all students must learn

Aside from vocabulary, academic writing involves much more than strict adherence to rules. Structure, development, logical paragraphing, and supporting and corroborating evidence are all components of an academic paper that a student needs to consider. The ability to formulate and develop logical arguments based on sound critical thinking can take time to learn. An essay writing class in Singapore can significantly improve academic writing skills, but people must be willing to devote time and effort.

Students will have a better grasp of the universal language

As a result of the economic power of Great Britain and the United States in recent centuries, English has become so widely spoken.

Many good and bad things have happened during this process, which has taken a long time. War, trade, slavery, and religious missionaries all contributed to the spread of the English language. People can now see that English is spoken all over the world, even though history has been complicated and not always pleasant to contemplate.

Human beings are powerless to change the past. It’s also possible to use English positively! To bring the world together, people can use it to communicate with people from other countries and to better understand each other. Consequently, for your child to unlock his proficiency in English, do not hesitate to send your child to an O level English tutor today.

Students can find more job opportunities

Employees of large corporations are required to be fluent English speakers. They are enforcing an English-only policy in some of these companies.

It’s only natural that large corporations need to communicate more as the world becomes more globalised. Everyone is working hard to improve their English language skills at the moment. People of various nationalities and cultural backgrounds can now communicate easily in English.

Imagine a businessperson from Israel who speaks English and Hebrew with the intent of doing business with a South African who speaks English and Afrikaans. After learning English as a second language in elementary school, they can communicate with each other in English!



The correct usage of vocabulary and grammar is not as easy as a student thinks

English, like any other language, has a slew of pitfalls waiting to catch the people off-guard. While it is quite easy to master at a broad communication level, English grammar can become complex at the higher level required for academic writing and speaking. Simply hearing the terms “clause structure,” “verb inversion,” “dangling modifiers,” and “cleft sentences” will give you a migraine. An English course in Singapore can help clarify most of these unanswered questions of syntax and punctuation.

Students will learn more about the English culture

It is impossible to separate language and culture. Language and culture are inseparable, and the two are intertwined. Having a working knowledge of English will allow you to communicate more effectively with people from English-speaking countries. Learners gain a deeper understanding of the world around them by being fluent in English.

A lack of knowledge about English-speaking countries may cause you to misinterpret the words of those who speak them. Hence you must consider taking an English course in Singapore to clarify the misunderstood words to give you a wider vocabulary.

Basic vocabulary and phrases aren’t enough. Good command of the English language requires you to be fluent in the use of tone, body language and facial expressions. An English speaker may appear crude, rude, or dismissive, but this is not the case at all.

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