A few days ago, I had been acquiring an amazing debate obtaining a spiritual scholar friend. The factor is, he does not join the entire transformative theory, and whereas The truth is you will find holes there, basically the particular timeline – we’re not able to know certainly because we simply don’t have the fossil records for everything – still, that does not mean we’re able to deny evolution because we’re able to notice in solid-time, we’re able to understand the changes, not just to your own species, however in others too. There’s enough fossil record to discover individuals changes, and they’re not able to become denied.

Then clearly we’ve dinosaur bones, and despite popular spiritual mythology, as was told for me by a few quickly time, God didn’t put dinosaur bones in the world to trick humans and to test their belief. To insist that God put dinosaur bones available to trick us, or possibly the demon did to get us to leave from God, is considered the most absurd factor I have heard within my existence. You’ll do not buy into any type of individuals fantasy theories. My acquaintance requested me what living evidence are we able to have that prehistoric creatures ever existed?

Yes, let us a great question, since the fossil record is damaged, and then we can determine the whole lineage, let’s say I recommended that folks might have living evidence today that prehistoric creatures existed formerly? Allow me to continue and supply a couple of ideas to ponder, plus a number of species that folks might consider when approaching this argument, for example





Polar Bears

Dragon Flies

Road Runners (Small-Velociraptor)

Sharks (relative within the Megalodon)

Big Cats (connected while using Saber Toothed Tiger)

Tigers (connected while using Wholly Mammoth)

Now then, my question to you’d be what species in prehistoric periods is it possible to condition that humans be a consequence of? It appears that lots of transformative biologists and individuals that see the genetic variation within our own DNA think that humans had started out a Tree Shrew. As crazy as that sounds, it is actually sensible, because even rats and rodents are extremely similar in their genes to humans. Could it be that humans are evolved rodents? Well, that lots of likely deflates your ego just a little, but maybe humans live evidence of prehistoric creatures. Possibly you’ve thought there?

Maybe we’re former dinosaurs, individuals which survived given that they elevated smaller sized sized sized because the plant existence was lessened? Maybe they may live undercover before the plant existence returned? Maybe we’re that living proof as well as other creatures which i have reported above. The idea is not difficult to grasp, that is worth considering.

From your observational perspective situations are sensible, nonetheless it certainly does not appear sensible to anybody that has complete belief in spiritual mythology, or possibly the religious doctrines of past periods that have been passed forward. That isn’t my fault, which isn’t my problem. Indeed I ask that you simply please consider all of this and consider it.

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