Entering a design school in Singapore to unleash your potential and boost your career is a dream for many. The problem is that not everyone has the skills to match the demands of a creative position. However, never feel discouraged because anyone can sharpen these skills as long as they have the motivation.

Take professional development courses in Singapore, and you will grow. Here are the skills you need to have.


Sewing classes for beginners are a precursor to every fashion design program. It kickstarts the career because hands-on skills are necessary before going into other areas. Students should know how to create pieces from scratch before engaging in merchandising techniques. In short, it is a foundational course.


People get discouraged because of this. The good news is that everyone is creative, and it is just a matter of bringing concepts to life. We always have something in our minds, but we cannot present it visually. This skill is necessary for a product development class in Singapore


Students from a product development program use various design software. They still use the traditional pen and paper, but they also keep digital copies of designs. Being technologically inclined is an asset for everyone in the creative industry.


Marketing is an exciting field that shows a balance between creativity and analysis. Their duties range from performing market research and formulating a campaign for their clients. (Tip: take an SEO course in Singapore to get an overview of digital marketing.)


The creative and fashion industry is ever-changing. Trends are born every season, and some even resurface after many years inside the closet. You want to be someone who welcomes change gracefully. It is how you adapt and make the most of everything.

Sharpen these skills when you want to enter a design school in Singapore. Contact TAFTC – Textile And Fashion Training Centre to learn more about their admission requirements. 

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