7 Tricks to Overcome Anxiety When Attending Math Tuition in Singapore

Maths is an intimidating subject for many students. It can make a student anxious because of the systematic process. Students have to remember the formulas, rules, and steps. One wrong move can change the final answer. For this reason, parents look for math tuition in Singapore for additional learning as the subject puts too much pressure on students.

For instance, you are solving a PEMDAS equation, meaning you have to solve a problem based on a sequence. You solve it based on this sequence: parenthesis, exponents, multiplication/division, and add/subtract. What if you forgot to follow the rules? You will get the wrong answer. For this reason, most students get anxious as maths is a systematic process.

You can’t deny that maths is a challenging subject, but there are ways to lessen your anxiety when solving number problems. In this article, you will learn how to overcome your maths worries and enjoy learning with the best math tuition centre in Singapore.

How to Overcome Maths Anxiety

Imagine this scenario: you are answering an exam paper, then you suddenly forget all the formulas. You are now panicking, do not know what to do next, and are experiencing a mental block! It is a common scenario when you feel anxious. Although you know the formulas since you studied well, you can still experience this distress.

Fortunately, you can overcome this maths anxiety and regain your confidence! Only follow these tips and tricks below when attending your math tuition in Singapore.

1)  Preparation is the Key

Studying is not enough when you want to overcome your maths anxiety. You must also prepare essential items like pencils, rulers, calculators, and other school supplies.

You have all the need to focus on the subject when the teacher is in front of the class. Do not forget the academic books and your notebooks where you can take down the lessons.

When you attend your primary math tuition in Singapore, you can fix your bag before the class starts the next day. It can calm your fears about the next maths activity. You will remind yourself that everything is under control.

2)  Remember that You’re Not Alone

Yes, you are not the only one who is struggling with maths. Sometimes, a student might feel ashamed because he is not good at solving numerical problems. But that’s normal! Not everyone is good at maths because perhaps other students are better in different fields like art, languages, sports, and music. In your math tuition class, you can see other students thriving.

Remember that you have your teachers, friends, and parents that can support you when you feel anxious. You can also talk with your classmates about the struggles you encounter during maths classes. By doing so, you can support and uplift each other during the exam week.

3)  Learn from Different Sources

Aside from attending secondary math tuition classes in Singapore, you can also learn from different sources, such as YouTube, podcasts, mobile apps, and even TikTok. As you introduce yourself to tricks and tips, you will be more confident in solving numerical problems. You can look for educational content online and keep yourself educated about different ways of solving maths equations.

On top of online learning, you can also learn from your friends and family. Ask someone who can help you understand complicated topics. The trick here is that you must be open to help. Let others help you. In doing so, you can improve your skills and keep your anxiety under control.

4)  Create a Schedule

One way to keep your mind calm is to create a schedule. You may feel overwhelmed when you think of things you need to do. For this reason, stick to a routine and finish your activity. Perhaps, you can start with your school work and move to your homework from the math tuition in Singapore. Another way to keep yourself free from anxiety is to use a notebook. In this notebook, you can write down all your activities for the day. As such, you won’t cram for your school activities.

Of course, you must stick with your schedule because it can help you stay clear-headed. But do not forget to take a break. Give yourself a rest period of at least 15 minutes to one hour. This way, your brain can destress from all the studying and learning new mathematical equations.

5)  It’s Okay to Ask Questions

Some students are afraid to ask questions because they may look like a novice or newbie. But remember that asking questions can help you learn more about the topic. Do not hesitate to raise your hand when a teacher from the best math tuition centre in Singapore asks students if they need clarification. Suppose you are not comfortable speaking in front of a class. With this, you can ask the teacher privately.

You can also ask questions to your classmates about your homework and other school activities. There is nothing shameful about asking questions because it shows you are willing to learn new things.

6)  Avoid Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk will only affect your overall well-being and self-confidence. You must be kind to yourself when attending primary math tuition in Singapore. Yes, it is okay to fail an exam. It is a part of the learning process. Transform your negative thoughts into positive ones.

You can say things like: I can bounce back, I can always learn new things, It is not a competition, and I am thankful to learn from my mistakes. These positive thoughts will help you get through the challenging moments of your life and keep yourself inspired.

7)  Stop Comparing Yourself with Other Students

Comparing yourself to others will only worsen your anxiety. The truth is some people are good at maths, while others are good at other subjects. It’s normal to feel a bit jealous but do not use this to underestimate yourself. Maths is only a subject in school. There is so much more in life! Your only responsibility is to focus on improving and learning from the best math tuition centre in Singapore.


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