Preschool children are full of life and wonder at the world around them, so it can be exhausting for their parents to keep up with them. Your little bundle of joy must be keeping you constantly on your toes. And at times you may find it difficult and tiring to chase after your child. Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs, but you don’t have to do it alone when you have the Golden Window of Learning (GWL) program.

Your child becomes more independent and learns to get along with others as they enter preschool. As children attend preschool and prepare for kindergarten in Singapore, they become a part of the school community and spend more time away from home. They will begin to question why they must follow your instructions, but they are also old enough to comprehend when you explain the rationale. And to assist you in being the most effective parent possible, here are some pointers for fostering your child’s growth and development during these crucial years.

1.   Talk to your child

Almost every activity a child joins in infant care in PasirRis allows for introducing new vocabulary and concepts such as shapes, colours, size, and numbers. ‘Serve-and-return’ interactions, or the back-and-forth, reciprocal verbal and nonverbal exchange between a child and their caretaker, also promote attachment and a sense of self.

2.   Train them to be attentive listeners

Parents are aware that it is difficult to contain toddlers’ inquisitive minds. However, in preschool, your child will be required to participate in many activities, including singing, drawing, listening to the teacher’s explanations, etc. All of these will necessitate that your child sits still and pay attention. Being a good listener will enable them to participate in various preschool activities in PasirRis.

3.   Communicate with teachers

If your child’s preschool teacher is available in an infant care centre in PasirRis, it may be useful to schedule a time to check in and discuss specific activity suggestions. If your student receives additional services, reach out to providers to see if they can suggest ways you can continue treatment at home and preserve gains.

4.   Ensure they finish their homework

Adults have demanding jobs, and the last thing they want to do is check on their children’s homework. It is, however, critical. You must also assist teachers with the assignments that they assign to their students. They are trying to educate your children rather than add to your workload, and they can only do so much during the school day in an infant care centre in PasirRis.

Make sure your kids are doing their homework. If not, you may not notice a problem until it’s worse. Some subjects work differently now, and parents are advised not to help their kids with homework because they might make mistakes. Request they solve the problem or reread the instructions. If they’re confused or unwilling to work, this works. Send an email to the teacher if your child needs help with homework. Any teacher will explain if doing so will help a student.

5.   Participate in parent-teacher activities

Get involved. Learn home based learning activities for preschoolers. Attend back-to-school nights and parent-teacher conferences, and meet other parents and teachers. And if you care about their education, children will notice. Visit the school and its website to better communicate with your child about school. Your presence at school can boost kids’ self-esteem.

6.   Teach them how to organise

Organisation is one of the most valuable skills that children will learn in school. Organisation is essential for completing projects on time, putting things where they belong, and learning to live in a clean environment. It is a fundamental life skill that children will learn in kindergarten in Singapore. Your kids aren’t going to jump at the chance to learn how to pick up their toys, and teens aren’t going to be overjoyed when you tell them that organisation is the key to success, but it’s still your job to instil this ability in them for them to succeed.

7.   Teach them efficient study techniques

Study skills are so essential that children who lack them cannot survive. Children who never develop good study habits may drop out of school or never attend college. And in a society where a bachelor’s degree is required to provide for a family, study habits are crucial. So teach them home based learning activities for preschoolers.

8.   Allow them to succeed or fail on their own

Most parents know you can tell kids repeatedly, but they won’t learn until they miss homework, misbehave in class, or lose an after-school job. Children need to experience both failure and success in kindergarten in Singapore; doing something less than perfectly teaches them that they may need to try harder next time. If they fail, it is the ideal time to guide them toward better study habits or encourage them to work harder to grasp a challenging concept.


9.   Help them work with stationery

A preschool in PasirRis offers a variety of activities requiring the use of implements such as pencils, crayons, scissors, wax, and coloured pencils. Toddlers can learn proper manipulation of them through activities like drawing and painting. Depending on their age, they can learn to write letters, numbers, etc.

10. Avoid placing too much stuff on their plate

Each child is special and progresses at their pace. You will have certain expectations for your child as a parent. However, it is also your responsibility to comprehend and accept your children. Additionally, it is important not to overburden kids— they are still learning. Maintain a comfortable, balanced schedule for your toddler. And they will reap the benefits of attending a preschool in PasirRis.


Parenting a preschooler is difficult, but it is also enjoyable. You may find it challenging to keep up with their energy and curiosity, but you are fully aware that your child could not have asked for better parents. Refer to these parenting tips if you need assistance and have confidence in your parenting style.

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