How good is BML Munjal University for Engineering?

Do you aspire to establish your career in the field of engineering? Where do you find yourself two years down the line? Of course, your answer would be in the best engineering college! There are hundreds of engineering colleges in every city that claim to impart world-class education to their students. Choosing the best one among so many, especially when they all have their standards and reputation, is a daunting task. You will hardly find any college that will encompass all the qualities in it. But, BML Munjal University is an exemplary institution producing hundreds of engineers every year.

About BML Munjal University

Established in the year 1964, BMU has an excellent track record in the domain of Primary Education and Higher Education, including Engineering, Medical, and Skill Training. Through this fantastic initiative, they have empowered and educated over two lakh students in the country. They are renowned for crafting, preserving, and imparting international level benchmark skills and knowledge to a diverse section of students.

Why BML University for Engineering?

With lavish premises of 50 acres in Gurugram, BMU is counted among the top Engineering colleges in India. Here are some salient features of this university that makes it stand out in the crowd:

  • Good Brand Image – A good brand stays forever and students prefer to go with the right brand image when it comes to pursuing a basic course like engineering. Hero Group, one of the top 10 business groups in India, was founded by the founders of BMU. The major sectors ruled by Hero Group are two-wheelers, energy, steel, realty, financial, consumer services, and corporate training. Students can get the best industrial training and knowledge with BMU. Who doesn’t want to associate with such a brand name? The students get an opportunity to listen and interact with eminent international personalities and industry experts. This university is also known for its international immersion programs.
  • Experienced Faculty – Faculty plays a vital role in honing the skills and industry knowledge of the students. BMU is proud of its experienced and highly qualified faculty members who come from various fields. The majority of them are Ph.D. holders, M.Tech, M.SC, and Researchers. They are the ones who have nurtured some of the best engineers in the country. The faculty in BMU believes in developing the inquisitiveness, problem-solving, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship qualities in the students. The students are highly benefited from the industrial, professional, and academic experience of the faculty members.
  • The Imperial College of London – The 108 years university is actively involved in co-designing the curriculum for engineering courses in BMU. Apart from this, it is also engaged in conducting student exchange programs, content development activities, summer study programs, digital learning workshops, Ph.D. programs, and designing executive programs for the students. It is a golden opportunity for the students to study a curriculum co-designed by such a prestigious university. Students can expect a wide range of lucrative career options for them.
  • World-class Infrastructure – Engineers are not made in classrooms. Engineering is a field of study that requires a lot of external and industrial exposure. Regular lab work, mechanical workshops, amphitheatre sessions, IT labs, conference halls, recreation facilities, and so on play a vital role in developing competent engineers. BMU understands this requirement and, therefore, offers the best state-of-art infrastructure facilities to its students. The university has state-of-the-art labs by Shell, Intel, Siemens, and IBM. Over 45% of the curriculum is covered during experiential learning sessions. Regarding accommodation facilities, the hostel right now accommodates over 2000 students in their single and double occupancy rooms.
  • Extracurricular Activities – University believes in developing strong competitive skills in its students. It also aims to produce some of the best team players and leaders and, therefore, promote games like football, cricket, chess, table tennis, pool, and so on. The students also get a chance to interact with national-level sports personalities who can teach them about the real sportsmanship. Various Student Clubs are promoting a series of cultural and intellectual activities in the college. A personal visit to campus can help you in understanding the quality of infrastructural facilities offered to the students.
  • Placements – Every student looks forward to promising career options after completing his engineering course. BMU offers this opportunity to its students by opening hundreds of avenues for them. The students are given intensive learning with real-life projects with leaders like Shell, Siemens, KPMG, and IBM. Over 200 companies come to campus every year to hire talented and promising engineers.

Every student follows specific criteria while searching for its dream engineering college. Some focus on reputation and ranking, while some believe faculty and infrastructure are more critical in building a rock-solid career. BML Munjal University offers all these aspects at affordable fees, making it a good university for engineering. Enroll yourself today in BMU and unlock all the possibilities of becoming a successful engineer. Good Luck!

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