How to Become a Great Mentor

To be called a good mentor can be hugely rewarding. It means that you helped someone advance in their career and helped yourself. No matter what industry you are in, being a leader means being responsible for tasks. You also have the responsibility to manage a team and make vital decisions regarding their every day at work. 

Mentors are people who have specific expertise in a task or role. They are called mentors because they can be counselors, teachers, and advocates for their mentees. Mentoring is a way to help one learn in a one-on-one setting or even for a long time. This is often done within the workplace. 

Those leadership and management courses will help you if you aim to become a mentor. You can learn more from it and be able to do your role if you are more equipped with leadership and management skills. 

Taking additional leadership courses will allow you to enhance your leadership skills. The ability to connect with your mentees is an exceptional talent you should possess to be called a good mentor. 

It will be important to build trust and rapport with your mentees and communicate well with them. Your trainee should feel comfortable expressing gratitude for their efforts or they should at least tell if something is bothering them. It is possible to work together about the common interests of your mentor, such as a career path or skills you want to acquire. Try to imagine yourself as your mentee and attempt to understand their thoughts and feelings. From this you will be able to tell what area of your expertise you should need to improve more.

Listening to them while you are mentoring them indicates that you are a good mentor. To know more how to become one, you can see this infographic from Corporate Learning Solution.

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